18 May 2014

Adidas ZX Flux and "Mi Adidas"

Mi Adidas have just revealed an exciting new possibility for this silhouette and a number of others. They will be relaunching with an app which will be available for both iPhone and Android which enables you to print any high resolution photo of your choosing onto your desired style of trainers. The app will be available around August, later this year. Some pictures have been revealed showing a few options for customising your trainers with the app.

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Recently Adidas have been having a lot of success with one of their newer contemporary running silhouettes, the ZX Flux. This trainer has been seen in a variety of prints such as the "Barcelona" floral print, "London" tube print, "Pixel", green camo, leopard and snow leopard. As a wearer of Nike predominantly, I think this is an amazing idea and will be certainly trying out the app when it is officially launched.