27 Apr 2014

Wednesday's Short Trip to London...

So this Wednesday I had to take a trip to London for an interview with Puma (very exciting!). Which could be, fingers crossed, how I will be spending my placement year! As I went for an interview, I didn't have a day out or anything it was just coach down, coffee, interview, wander round London, get lost on the tube and then get the train home in time for tea. I just wanted to give you a little outfit of the day from my interview, so you can see what my take on "smart casual" looks like...

Black, boxy, chiffon panel top - Sweewe Premium (from TK Maxx) - £12.99

High waisted, relaxed smart trousers - Primark - £12.00

Crocodile TIKA2 High Vamp slip ons - Topshop - £20.00

Black duffle bag style handbag, with gold zips - New Look - £10.00 (sale)

Accessories: Screw Detail Boyfriend Watch in Gold - ASOS - £28.00
Set of 4 Gold coloured bracelets - Primark - £4.00

Unfortunately, I only have this picture, which was taken on my Fujifilm Instax Mini 8. The lighting inside and outside my flat wasn't very good but you get the idea.

Will keep you posted with any exciting news, from the interview! Everyone keep their fingers crossed!