15 Jan 2014

Nike X Riccardo Tisci Collaboration Announced, Sorry Yeezy.

Nike have just announced that they are going forward with a collaboration this year with creative director of Givenchy, Riccardo Tisci.
This collaboration confirms Nike's move into the lifestyle and high end fashion market and moving slightly away from the sportswear and athletic side of the industry. They will never abandon their roots, however, it is obvious they are wanting to cement themselves as part of the fashion industry. We see it more and more nowadays, trainers being worn more for fashion than for the sport and technical side. They are already seen as a lifestyle brand, now they will be seen as a high end luxury brand.

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The collaboration will be fantastic in bringing even more brand equity and sustenance to the Nike brand, which is already massive. The one thing I think that could damage this collaboration is the price point that they will set it as. Givenchy is one of the big players in the luxury fashion market, with fantastic quality and sky high prices that reflect this. Nike are not a luxury fashion brand and hopefully they will not feel the need to price the collaboration extortionately. Setting the price low enough would make it more available to a wider customer base. Making luxury fashion more accessible through the collaboration. On the other hand, setting the prices ridiculously high could be a real deal breaker for the consumer, as the high prices keep the collection exclusive and the fact of the matter is that if people want it so bad, they will buy it anyway. This is a strategy that all luxury brands use, high prices = less customers = exclusivity. I guess we'll find out when they release the collection.

I know there will be so many people who will be ecstatic at the fact that this collaboration is happening, but I wonder how Kanye West feels about the whole thing? First he ditches the brand for their rival brand, Adidas, then Nike go to one of his fashion inspirations and (probably only) friend in the luxury fashion industry and do a collaboration with them. Surely, that's got to hurt? It's like breaking up with your boyfriend and your best friend doing the dirty with him the next day. Also applicable to the situation with Drake being signed to the Jordan brand. Rival rapper and alleged friend moving in on your turf when you've ditched it, ouch.

Personally, I'm not quite sure how I feel about it. I'm not so much as excited but more intrigued as to what they will produce. Givenchy are an amazing fashion brand and they release fantastic collections season upon season. Putting them with a brand such as Nike, makes a lot of sense in the fact that they go hand in hand if that's the style you're into. Easy outfit to spot nowadays, thanks to the likes of Kanye and Jay Z, Givenchy t-shirt (generally a copy), leather pants (usually women's), Jordan's or Nike trainers. I think it will be interesting to see which brand has more influence on the collaboration. The only thing we know so far about it is the logo that is going to be used on pieces is "NIKE RT". I just hope Nike have the common sense not to let him put stars all over everything and call it a collab.