25 Nov 2013

Supreme x Levi's, looks like Carhartt to me.

Supreme and Levi's have just teamed up to do a Winter capsule collection for this season. The collection includes overall's, 505 zip-fly canvas jeans, a quilted denim shirt and Bell hat.
It also includes this fitted Trucker jacket. 

Fitted Trucker Jacket
This is the Carharrt Nimbus pullover that I own and wore to university today.

Quite similar aren't they? The maple leaves in the pattern, the streaks of white amongst the green and khaki, the overall camouflage is uncanny.

It got pointed out to me today and I just wanted to bring it to attention. I can't tell you when this Carhartt coat is from as I actually bought it from eBay around two years ago.

Maybe this is a coincidence? Maybe this is Supreme taking inspiration from Carharrt? Maybe it's both brands taking inspiration from the great outdoors? They always say great minds think alike. Maybe too alike?

Jaye x