14 Oct 2013

Jazz It Up A Bit

Grid 9000

Last week, I purchased a pair of Sauconys for the first time. This has been a brand that I've been wanting to buy into but haven't had the chance with my puny size 5 feet.

Saucony Jazz
Saucony are an American sportswear brand, catering predominantly for runners, but have recently targeted the fashion forward who enjoy a good trainer. They have done this through edgy silhouettes such as the men's "Grid 9000" and originals such as the "Shadow" and the "Jazz", which I am going to write about in this post.
I'd seen a few people wearing the Jazz silhouette, and noticed how nice the profile of the shoe was. With a chunky midsole, not unlike that of the New Balance 574, it has quite a tall appearance, yet it is still sleek and smart with the upper being a mixture of nylon and suede.

Out of all my collection, these are without a doubt the comfiest trainers I now own. I have literally worn them everyday for about a week. My biggest thing is that I walk to university everyday which is about a 25 minute walk each way, so for me comfy trainers are my number one must-have.

This classic comes in all number of colours from black, silver and white (which I went for) to a mix of bright neons being thrown about on one shoe, to brighten up the winter months.

The next point, which is amazing, is the price. The Jazz is retailed at £49.99, in men's and women's sizes. They look good, they feel good and they save you money! What more could you ask for from a trainer?!

They are available to buy on Saucony's website, www.saucony.com.
They are also available in some stores such as Size? for men's sizes and Foot Asylum. Women's sizes are also available from Foot Asylum. If anyone knows anywhere else sells them in women's sizes, leave a comment and let us know...

Saucony Jazz on feet

Jaye x