19 Oct 2013

A.P.C X Carhartt '13

So, the latest drop from the A.P.C X Carhartt collaboration is here. I got an email in one of my lectures and I nearly shrieked with joy at this glorious news!

Everyone who knows me, knows full well that Carhartt are my favourite brand, from their womenswear to menswear, I love everything they do. I'm also a big fan of A.P.C, especially the coats and basic tees they do.

The first A.P.C X Carhartt menswear collaboration was released in Autumn 2010, with an unlikely match of heritage workwear and Parisian edginess, it worked superbly. With a range of smart jackets, such as the Detroit, basic pocket tees to beanies with the collaborated logo on them.

Their latest release encapsulates that yet again, with a smart range of menswear. From jackets to undies, what more could a man ask need for the upcoming winter months? Prices start from around £25 up to a whopping £610.

The concept behind the latest release is "If Six Was Nine". This derives from the Jimi Hendrix song of the same name, but how has this concept been imprinted in the collection? It's all in the watch. The picture of the watch face was leaked on Twitter by A.P.C founder Jean Touitou, and as you can see six is now nine. As to why eight is now 11 and why seven is now four, who knows, but a cool concept nonetheless.

Everything is available to buy on the Carhartt WIP store and A.P.C store.


Check out some of the range below.

Wool Hoodie
Wool hoodie
2 colours

Logo T-Shirt
Logo t-shirt
2 colours
Detroit Leather Jacket
Detroit leather jacket

Sailor Shirt
Sailor shirt